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Services / Fees

Basic services:
  • Nurturing  –  daycare service for young children;

  • Environment – we endeavor to provide a clean and safe environment to our children;

  • Games/Dance  – through educational games, songs and music, we inspire children to explore their own potential and to develop self-care ability. We also guiding our children to practice good virtue such as politeness and be kind;

  • Basic health care – children growth charts, such as measuring height and weight will be conducted periodically;

  • Meal services – we provide nutrition and well-balanced meals every day with breakfast, lunch, and snacks.


Registration fee: MOP100;

Prepay One Month Fee: MOP3000, which can be used as the first-month nursery fee; All fees paid are non-refundable for any circumstances. 

The enrollment date can only be negotiated once for any reason.

Note:  No refund for any reasons, for example absence or sick leave. If the registration fee is not paid after the due date, the seat will be offered to the next applicant.

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