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Parental Information


1) Nursery Service Hours / Drop-off and Pick-up

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*Except for Macau compulsory holidays and Nursery special holidays

2) Calendar

Calendar 2024 Final.png

3) Activity timetable

4) Special holidays

A holiday calendar is posted in the lobby.  Parents should be mindful of keeping it since no further notice will be given except for special holidays.

In case of typhoon or heavy rain, parents should be mindful of weather broadcast.  In general, when Typhoon No.1 or No. 3 signal or rainstorm warning is hoisted, the nursery service will be as usual.  Parents can decide whether to send their children to the nursery.  Please refer to the following guidelines from the Social Welfare Bureau of MSAR Government.

B. Absence/late /late pick-up   


For the protection of your child and for SMART Nursery to take immediate action, parents please notify us as soon as possible on the following situation:


  1.  Application for sick leaves or holiday leaves, such as for medical check-up and family trips, please apply one day in advance through Walklake, calling or visit our office to fill-up the application form.

  2. Late:  please notify by Walklake or call the office before 9a.m. The child will be allowed to enter the nursery before 10 a.m.

  3. Late pick up:  please notify SMART by Walklake or calling.  If pick-up after 30 minutes from the dismissal time, a fee of $58/hour will be applied automatically.  If it happens more than 3 times despite verbal warnings, the nursery has the right to terminate daycare service of the child.

C. Drop-off/Pick-up procedure

Children’s safety is our first priority, please follow the drop-off/pick-up procedure as follows:


  1. Every child must check-in using the Walklake system during arrival or departure from the nursery.

  2. Parents must present themselves at SMART Nursery to apply for the SMART Walklake card.  The application form can be downloaded from this website.

  3. Two cards/child, and four people/child for pick up authorization.

  4. The authorized person must present the card upon pick-up time.

  5. The parents or guardian must notify Walklake in advance if the pick-up person is different from the authorized name list.  

  6. Please notify the Nursery 3 days in advance for updating the authorization information.

  7. Under no circumstances SMART Nursery will let any unauthorized person picking up the child.

  8. In case of loss of card, please notify SMART immediately.

  9. The fee for the replacement card is MOP$100/card.


D. What to wear? Things to bring/not to bring


SMART Uniform:  To create a happy family ambient, children must wear uniform going to the nursery (such as: SMART polo shirt, pant or skirt, SMART apron, SMART socks and SMART handkerchief).  SMART has specially designed a range of colorful children products that can be purchased at the office, including raincoat, cap, water bottle, handkerchief, sweat pad and umbrella.


Parents please prepare the followings for your child:


Note: SMART will provide: 1) shelves; 2) mattress; 3) bedsheet, pillow and pillow case and blanket with blanket case.  Parents are also welcome to purchase own bedlinen for your child’s personal use which they are required to bring back for washing weekly.


What to/not to wear?
  • Children must wear uniform going to nursery every day.  Please wear socks and strapless sneakers or shoes.

  • Wear simple clothing so the children can learn to put on or take out by themselves independently.

  • Please avoid wearing difficult clothes such as overall or jeans.

  • Parents kindly be mindful of weather in deciding what the children will be wearing.

  • Girls should avoid wearing head set with hard angles, boys avoid zippers.


Things to avoid to bring

For the safety of our children, please do not let your children bring the followings to the nursery:bracelets, necklaces, belts, accessories, ropes, dangerous items (knife, lighter, coins, drugs, toys not suitable for children and any valuable etc.)

Healthy diet

Our food menus are approved by IASM. SMART also provides breakfast at MOP$350/month, lunch and light snack.  Monthly menus (click in the file) are all posted on our notice board or website for reference.  If special diet is needed, parents please notify the nursery well in advance. 

For the safety of our children, all meals would be handled by us. Children should not bring any food to the nursery except on special occasions.  We regret any gifts or foods from parent to our children, especially nuts, candy, chocolate, soft drink and jelly.



It is important for children to have enough sleep time.  We will provide nap time after lunch for full-day class children.

To ensure our children have a good quality nap time, children who need to dismiss early must be picked up before 12:30 pm or after 2:30 pm.


Children’s health
  1. We encourage parents to check the body temperature of your child every morning before sending them to the nursery.  If the child not feeling well, he/she shall stay home and/or seek medical attention if required.

  2. If the child is suspected/found with infectious diseases, please stay at home until fully recover.

  3. According to the Health Bureau’s Guidelines for the Prevention of Communicable Diseases in Social Facilities (, parents must present a resumption authorization letter from the Health Bureau, namely:  “Termination of Preventive Isolation Certificate (suspension of classes) “

  4. In case the child not feeling well in the nursery, the office will notify the parents immediately to pick-up the child.  In the event that if the family member of the children is infected with infectious diseases, please isolate them from the child and notify the nursery immediately for our further action. 

  5. The nursery has no serious disease or emergency SOS equipment; therefore, children should not take any medications while in the nursery.  When discovering a child is not feeling well, our nursery will not give any medication to the child, such as fever, our nursery will consulate the parents’ permission before applying the cooling gel sheet.

  6. If a child gets hurt or injured at home or anywhere outside the nursery, parents are requested to informed the nursery during the drop-off time.

  7. Allergies/special physique: Please inform the office upon enrollment if a child has congenital diseases, allergies, habitual physical dislocation, autism, hyperactivity tendency, epilepsy, history of febrile seizures, or family special medical history. This is to ensure that our staff are aware of the situation and take precautions.  It would be at parent’s own risk if the parents concealing and/or not reporting this to the nursery.   

Accident report

In case of an accident, the nursery will notify the parents immediately and decide whether to send the children to the hospital.  If it is not a very serious injury, medical treatment will apply by our medical staff and an Accident Report will be filed as well.  The original of the report will be given to the parents and followed up by the nursery if necessary.  A copy will be filed in the personal file of the child.



SMART/Parents Collaboration
  • We value opinions and welcome parents to communicate with us through different channels such as Walklake, 「Smart Nursery崇專托兒所通訊」 official communication, face-to-face discussions, phone calls or emails.

  • We encourage parents to participate in our voluntary work.  It is through the activities we let our SMART parents understand more on the nursery daily life.  This will in turn strengthen our teachers/parents relationship.

  • In the event of conflicts between children, parents should not blame to the other child at own judgement.   Parents should guide the children instead and report it to the teachers. The teachers will handle the issue accordingly.  This is to ensure that the children’s physical and mental health are well taken care of. 

  • We encourage parents to read more with their children. The family reading plan is in place to strengthen the family ties and to develop the interest and ability of the children to read, so please support!

  • Birthday celebration is very important for our children.  We organize birthday parties for our SMART babies. However, all arrangements are subject to nursery schedule and priority given to nursery classes.

  • If your child brings home nursery toys unintentionally, parents please return them to the nursery as soon as possible.

Lost and found

The lost and found box is located at the lobby. 

Arrangements for Typhoons and Heavy Rains
  1. Rainstorm, Typhoon Signal No. 1 or No. 3: when warning signal is in force, the nursery provides services as usual.  Parents can decide whether to send their child to the nursery.

  2. Typhoon signal No. 8:  When it is KNOWN the typhoon signal No. 8 will be hoisted, parents please pick up their children as soon as possible.  The nursery will have staff to take care those children who are in the nursery until they left.

  3. Typhoon signal No. 8 is off:  When Typhoon signal No. 8 is lowered, the nursery will resume operation within 1.5 hours. However, if typhoon signal no. 8 lowered after 2:30pm, the nursery will remain closed for the day.

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