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Cute Baby

Admission Guidelines



Upon successful application, SMART will inform parents by phone or text message.  Parents please come to our office for enrollment registration.


Enrollment process:

  1. Parents to fill up and sign the forms

  2. Documents and payments: 4pcs color (w/white background) passport size photos (1.5 inches) of the child; a copy of Macao IDs (back and front) of the child and parents (or guardian). All IDs to be photocopied on the same page of a A4 paper.  An original copy of the child’s “Vaccination Certificate” and “Health Certificate” issued by the Health Bureau and a copy of the “Individual Vaccination Booklet”;

  3. Child Pick Up Authorization Form with Parents’ (or guardian’s) signature;

  4. Set-up Walklake App account;

  5. Fill-up authorization letters, include: medical authorization, consent for photo/filming/video recording about the child’s nursery life, rules and regulations for using ‘Smart Nursery Official communication’;

  6. Purchase SMART uniforms and other items;

  7. Parents please open bank account in MOP currency at Bank of China, Macau branch; and apply for fee payment Standing Instruction;

B.  Settling-In Period


For the easy settling-in of your child to the new environment, we will adhere to the following measures:


  1. The first week is the settling-in period, pick up time is 12:30pm and early release is possible upon request from the parents.

  2. During the settling-in period, the child pick-up point will be at the door of the activity room (instead of at the lobby).  If necessary, parents will be invited to accompany their child for some time (usually 30 min) until the child is calm down.  Parents then are lead to wait outside at Relaxation Lounge at the lobby.  Snack Bar is available and conveniently located opposite to Relaxation Lounge.

During the second week, parents should send their child to the lobby, our staff will lead the children to the activity room. Please rest assure that SMART will do our best to calm the children

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