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Our Smart Services

SMART and Parents Are Connected - using the ‘mNursery ’App


It is a common goal of Smart Nursery and the parents to let our children grow up happily and healthy every day. We must work together to achieve this. Smart Nursery has specially introduced the use of mNursery App to stay in close contact with parents. Parents can always know the timing of their child's access to the nursery through mNursery App. At the same time, Smart Nursery will use the mNursery App to regularly report the daily activities or special circumstances of the children, such as the interaction of children and tutors, event scenarios, birthday parties, special programs, nursery closure (typhoon or infectious diseases) or any other urgent notice. In addition, parents can also use the mNursery App to make online payment, contact the tutors, apply for sick leave or holiday leave, etc., conveniently and quickly.

“Parent Cherish” Service - Pick up children

In order to provide parents with a “Parent Cherish” service, Smart Nursery will send staff outside the glass door to receive children at the designated time in the morning. Parents are not required to get off the car. Once the child arrives at the nursery, the parent will automatically receive a confirmation message from the mobile phone app “mNursery” App. During the designated time in the afternoon, our staff members will also send the children to the glass door for parents’ pick-up. After the identity confirmation, the parents can receive their children outside the door, safe and no fuss!

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