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Playing with Animals

Our Advantages

Cultivating talents for young children must start from the very beginning. The establishment of SMART Nursery is to strengthen Zonta Macau’s social services work in Macao.


International Bilingual: SMART Nursery is an international nursery that highlights the unique advantages of Macao. English and Mandarin will be the dual main languages used in the childcare activities, and with the compliment of Cantonese tutors, optimizing the advantage of mixed cultures of both Chinese and Western. 

Owl logo: SMART Nursery specially selected a modern and simple design of the Owl logo.  Owl, besides being intelligent and adorable, is as well-born with a very sharp mind and extraordinary vision.  This means that SMART Nursery nurtures healthy and energetic children with professionalism, wisdom, and vision.

Fantasy theme: The SMART Nursery’s interior space planning and design is done by a professional team, and being mindful of nature and environment, miraculously highlighted with a touch of a fantasy theme, while “child-safety” material and equipment is a must.  While decorated with an air of rich Chinese and Western cultures, the SMART Nursery turns into spacious rooms of magical playground and dance floor, where the children will start their early life experience here, exploring their already very ample curiosity and creativity.

Three-Cs service objective and big family concept: 

SMART Nursery is introducing a big family concept where the parents of the children are the parents of the nursery. We uphold the objectives of “We Care, Children Cheer, Parents Cherish” in providing child care services.  We have specially designed the toddlers’ uniforms and “family-and-me” outfits for the parents. We also encourage parents to organize parent clubs, children’s birthday party and other festive activities to foster family relationships

Our Environment

Fantasy Theme Park:  The SMART Nursery is designed with an environmental concept, decorated with a touch of nature, is divided into play zones of different themes, namely:  the Ocean; the Amazon, the Safari; the Magic Unicorn (dance studio), the Grand Prix Av. (the bicycle lane), the Future Room, the Simba Studio (Art and Music), the Library Corner and the most iconic of all, the Park.



Convenient location SMART Nursery is located in the center of Taipa, opposite the prestigious Macao Anglican College and Taipa Northeast Sports Centre.  It is in the vicinity of a large parking lot of 600 parking spaces. The nursery is situated on the ground floor, providing safe and convenient daily pick-up space.



Child Safety:  The safety of children is our primary concern.  SMART Nursery has adhered to very strict child safety standards, all of which must meet the government’s requirements and subject to their periodical onsite inspection.  Parents can rest assured that our tableware, bedding, fixtures, and fittings are all made by materials of complying with child safety standards.


Our SMART Services:

3Cs: SMART Cares, Children Cheer, Parents Cherish


It is SMART/Parents common goal to have our children grow happily every day.  SMART/Parents must work together and stay connected


Walklake App: With Walklake, SMART/Parents stay connected.  Walklake facilitates sharing of information on children’s most updated moment, while simple procedures such as applying for leave, parties booking, and making payment are already done with a finger-tip..


SMART team is proud of our excellent early years’ professional service! SMART’s management team, teaching, and administrative staff are all well trained! Many are holders of professional qualifications and with ample experience in the early year's industry.  We serve with SMART’s 3 Cs principles:  SMART Cares, Children Cheer, Parents Cherish.  

Easy Drop off/Pick up: SMARTS facilitates drop off/pick up of your children at the main door within specific hours.

Freely explore a SMART future: SMART’s nurturing concept emphasizes learning through playing music and games while building children’s confidence starting from an early age in a wonderful and colorful environment.  This will eventually lead them to explore their own path to a SMART future…



In line with the government policy to promote better nurturing and higher birth rates in Macao, SMART Nursery was founded in 2019. This marks an important step for ZONTA Macau to move forward her children and women social services in Macao.



SMART provides continuous learning opportunities and extensive training programs.  If you think you are honest, reliable, caring,   patient, and are interested in pursuing a career in the early child education industry, you are welcome to join the SMART staff family.  We may have a position for you.  We welcome volunteers too! Please contact us!

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